Reid Devron

Hi my name’s Reid. I am 37 years old and I’m a Taurus born on 3rd May. At the moment, I am a teaching Principal in a Brisbane Metropolitan College. My previous position was Principal at Wythenshawe SS in Education Queensland’s Wide Bay Region and before that I was employed at Lavender Creek SS in outback Queensland. I’m engaged to Meggie Tate who lives on a large cattle property in the Lavender District. We hope to marry some time this year. We are compatible in many ways which is a great blessing. Neither of us has children but we’re planning to start a family as soon as we’re married. Can’t wait. And yes I have been married before. To the delectable Ashleigh, but because of my dedication to the job, she left me. It has taken a long time to come to grips with the divorce. I have been reluctant to form another permanent relationship … until now. I love Meg and I love my job. This dual affection produces conflict between Meg and I on a fairly regular basis. What to do?

My looks? I am 5ft 11ins tall, green eyes, shoulder length curly/wavy hair (like Matthew McConaughey) and look a little like the Today Show host (better looking actually) according to Meggie. I love percolated coffee, health food, kayaking, surfing, painting, playing the guitar and sampling good wine (among other beverages).

I believe good triumphs over evil therefore I throw myself into any injustice I see around me. I have been called a nosey parker and a trouble maker. Just two of the nicer names. I can’t help myself. My father was a policeman so it’s in the blood. We all have flaws and weaknesses, don’t we?

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